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Waddler Program

Let Your Child Waddle Their Way to a Bright Future!

As your little one takes their first wobbly steps into the world, they enter the exciting stage of waddling! At River Oak Academy, we cherish this milestone phase and have specifically designed our Waddler Program to support the developmental needs of children between the ages of one and two years. 

During this time, your child will begin to explore the world like never before. That’s why our skilled team of childcare professionals is here to nurture their language abilities, motor skills, and social connections under close supervision. We’ll guide each waddler through their journey as they navigate their newfound independence.

Why Choose River Oak Academy?

Our clean, kid-centric space provides your little one with a safe environment to strengthen their new skills like walking, talking, and of course, making friends! We understand how each waddler goes at their own speed, both physically and emotionally. We encourage the little ones to learn at their own pace so they can discover what activities interest them most. Our staff will pay close attention to the unique behaviors of each waddler to ensure that every child is having fun while developing essential skills that prepare them for being a toddler.

Fostering Independence & Healthy Relationships

As much as we’d like babies to stay within arm’s reach, it’s important to let them explore the world around them in their early years. At River Oak Academy, we’ve created this program so your child can foster healthy behaviors and relationships outside the home. Our passionate team of childcare professionals will provide your child with an array of engaging activities and daily routines designed to help young ones become more confident and creative on their own.

Give Your Child the Best Possible Start!

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